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Kitchen Pantry Labels - black or white

Image of Kitchen Pantry Labels - black or white

Pimp up your pantry with these fun vinyl labels. They will adhere to any of your jars/containers!

The 'Kitchen' Set:
- Tea
- Coffee
- Sugar
- Cereal
- Biscuits
- Pasta
- Rice
- Bread
- Utensils.

Choose your set in either black or white.

Each individual word measures approx 2 -3 inches wide.

Create your own set (maximum 8 words).

*Please note the jars shown are not included, this is for advertising purposes only.


Application Instructions:

1 - Trim around the edge of each word.

2 - Peel the clear transfer sheet from the white backing sheet and ensure your word sticks to the clear plastic.

3 - Carefully place your vinyl wording on a clean and dry surface of your choice (for example a jar), ensuring the wording is straight.

4 - Starting in the centre of the vinyl and moving outwards towards the ends and corners, firmly rub over the vinyl, making sure the vinyl is secure and laid flat on to the surface.

5 - Gently peel the clear transfer sheet away from the vinyl at a slight 45 degree angle. If the vinyl comes away with the transfer tape, carefully rub the vinyl on to the surface again. You can then fully peel the transfer tape away from the remaining vinyl.